Growatt Smart Inverter



BASSCOMM Energy is a renewable energy solutions provider with exceptional abilities for delivering renewable energy solutions that meets customer’s expectations, through a unique blend of its People, Quality and Expertise.


We recently introduced a new product to the market known as the Growatt Smart Inverter. It is a smart online inverter that gives you the ability to operate and monitor your solar or ongrid system remotely via a mobile app.  It can generate a periodic power consumption report when needed, and it has a higher maximum power and longer operating period.

The new innovative products bring the new technology to the solar projects, both quality and efficiency for distributors and end users.

As the industrial technology evolves, end users have a higher requirement to solar technology. Growatt 30k TL3-S ~ 50k TL3-S will help ensure device reliability and safety and extend the service life.

We are also in partnership with AUXANO SOLAR, a renowned supplier and manufacturer of solar energy products. Jointly, we own an operational solar panel manufacturing factory in Lagos where we manufacture world class solar panels to support our markets.



Due to the application of new topology and power components, maximum efficiency of the new series up to 99%, the MPPT efficiency is up to 99.5%. Thanks to Multi MPP controllers and wide input voltage range(200V~1000V), the new inverter ensures higher production.

There are up to 8 strings intelligent monitoring and fuse protection for new inverters (Growatt 30k TL3-S ~ 50k TL3-S).Thus the fault location is more accurate and faster.
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